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Maintain Your Pond
1/23/2013 11:46:13 AM
Aquajoy offer pond cleaning, pond construction and pond maintenance. Aquajoy have been building, maintaining and cleaning ponds since 1987 with more then 25 years experience.

Water Garden Experts
1/22/2013 11:16:42 AM
Fishpond Lovers, warm welcome to Aquajoy Water Gardens Ltd.

Pond cleaning, pond maintenance and pond construction professionals.

Aquajoy water gardens Ltd offers an experienced reputation for offering you a good quality of service in the pond and aquatics trade. Aquajoy have been established since 1987 with more then 25 years experience as pond specialists carrying out pond cleaning, pond building, pond construction and maintenance and our combined staff experience in this professional trade we are now in a class of our own.

Aquajoy an expert in Water Gardens, pond cleaning, pond construction, pond maintenance and pond design in the London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire areas but can work mainly at anyplace in the South of England. Aquajoy's team specializes in producing the greatest quality customer experience all of which will help you with any pond enquiry especially, pond sealing, natural swimming pools and maintenance, swimming ponds, commercial waterfeatures, waterfeature servicing, garden pond maintenance, pond and koi pond fibre glassing, fish and koi health, pond cleaning, koi pond cleaning, garden fish ponds, pond repairs, fibreglass sealing of Koi ponds, pond plants, general pond maintenance and koi pond maintenance and servicing or anything relevant to ponds, water features and your garden feature.

If you experience a problem pond/ water feature or just need assistance you should talk to our team for advice or to schedule a scheduled visit. We can easily also give pond supplies from stainless steel water features and copper waterfeatures to pond filters and pond equipment ie waterfeature liners pumps etc.

If you would like assistance on fish health, water garden services, pond accessories, general fish keeping, pond cleaning, frogs, tadpoles, newts or any of the above, i highly recommend that you give Aquajoy a call and chat with our welcoming office who are ready to help.

More Information

Prepare Your Pond
1/21/2013 8:49:57 AM
Is your pond prepared for spring, aquajoy can help. Book a maintenance with aquajoy and we can help keep your pond in tip top condition, or why not have scheduled maintenance to maintain your pond throughout the year. Has your pond been drained and cleaned in the last 3 years? book a pond clean with aquajoy to get rid of silt and keep your pond in great condition.

Service Areas
1/17/2013 9:52:55 AM
Aquajoy cover various areas some of witch can be found on the page below.


Aquajoy Provide
1/14/2013 9:42:14 AM
Services provided

Aquajoy give many pond and waterfeature services to meet your ponds needs the following is a listing of the services we cover. As compared to many pond companies Aquajoy cover's a great number of services as the following.

Pond cleaning

Aquajoy's more comprehensive service covering garden fish pond cleaning, koi pond cleaning, water feature pond cleaning,
fountain pond cleaning natural pond cleaning and indeed any form of pond cleaning. Find out be sure to
visit our pond cleaning page.

Pond maintenance

From basic pond and water feature maintenance such as pond plants being cut back to repairs of fountain pumps,
filter pumps, filters to ultra violet light servicing, repair and replacement of bulbs, pond light servicing, water quality tests,
netting debris, water quality treatments, blanket weed treating and fish health checks to the replacement of filters,
filter media and pond equipment. Aquajoy is able to take look after all your water feature servicing needs.

Koi pond maintenance

Aquajoy also perform koi pond maintenance including unblocking bottom drains and mid feeds to servicing filters and equipment to specialist works on koi ponds from koi pond treatment and koi pond health checks and water quality tests to the installation of and supplying koi pond equipment from koi pond heaters and pumps to koi pond filters and clarifiers to koi pond winter covers, we could also assist in koi nutrition, food and treats.

Pond construction

Aquajoy's construction services take into account pond refurbishing and revamps to full koi pond construction, garden fish pond construction, waterfeature construction, natural ponds fountains and fountain pond construction from designs in addition to custom-made built ponds to your requirement. Aquajoy is a prominent pond builder in the South of England.

Pond Showsite
1/9/2013 8:30:22 AM
Come and check out our range of show ponds at our brand new and exclusive show site which can be found at Bramley Corner, Epsom Road, Ashtead, KT21 1RB. There are a range of different features from waterfalls, fountains and ponds to garden lighting and filtration systems. You will discover natural ponds, modern ponds, wooden ponds, sunken ponds, mill stone features and more.

The ponds have been built in several styles and using different materials. Talk with our friendly client liaison staff member for further info or call our office to plan a scheduled visit for an engineer to visit you to discuss your pond or water feature needs. Aquajoy design, build and maintain all waterfeatures and ponds from the smallest bird bath pond to the largest ponds, lakes and more.


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