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New Website
12/20/2012 3:37:56 PM
Aquajoy have just launched a new website, why not drop by and take alook. You can find more details on Artificial Grass, Composite Decking, Features and Sculptures, Garden Buildings, Pond Cleaning, Pond Construction, Pond Maintenance and more by clicking the link below.

Aquajoy Ashtead

Christmas Opening
12/19/2012 11:51:23 AM

Xmas Opening

Aquajoys office will be closed from Saturday the 22nd of December and will re open on Monday the 7th of January 2013 for emergencies during this time please use the emergencies contact form or for new enquiries please use the normal contact form on our contacts page. Alternatively please leave a message on our answer phone, all will be checked on a regular basis.

Pond Design
12/19/2012 9:34:38 AM

Pond Design

Aquajoy construct, restore/ modernise any kind of pond or water feature.

Aquajoy have been creating ponds for more than twenty five years and can offer pond construction packages to complement your preferences. Aquajoy have been dedicated pond builders since 1987 establishing fabulous garden ponds also water scapes from the smallest wildlife pond to big commercial ponds and features. Aquajoy's ponds are unique built to your own personal specification or perhaps from designs. Aquajoy are water feature construction specialist's which are able to manage any project from start to finish with a minimum of disturbance, giving peace of mind whilst we construct your perfect water feature.

The following are examples: natural ponds, bog ponds, Koi ponds (raised or sunken), ornamental ponds, fish ponds, swimming ponds, small ponds, small fish ponds, garden ponds, reflection ponds/pools, fountain ponds, feature ponds, modern ponds, brick or natural stone ponds, swimming ponds and natural pools to lakes and moats.

Aquajoy's ponds can even include things like individual water features, fountains and filtration to meet your requirements, we only work with the best quality techniques and materials in our pond construction projects, be it butyl pond liners or pond GRP fibre glassing to top notch equipment.

In case that a pond cannot suit your requirements various other options for construction to give thought to are weirs, rills, streams, waterfalls, modern water features or stone features to canals and moats.

Should you have an existing pond that is in need of re-establishing or simply modernisation and require ideas or advice Aquajoy are the people to call from investigating leaks and resealing ponds to complete renovations and new projects.

Maintaining Your Pond
12/14/2012 9:14:59 AM

Maintaining Your Pond

Aquajoy provide pond maintenance to private customers, commercial sites also public/council areas to go with the features specific requirements,
always keeping them in best condition. Pond maintenance must be conducted regularly to defend against the accumulation of harmfull
waste materials and bacteria in the pond/waterfeature or the pond filter.

Water quality/clarity is key for the health and wellbeing of the fish together with your enjoyment of the water feature. Continual servicing of
pond equipment can prolong the life span of your equipment and keeps your pond/water feature looking great, most manufacturers advise that pumps and equipment are taken care of regularly to meet their guarantees and to keep the pond equipment
operating correctly and to its full potential.

Aquajoy conduct maintenance on all ponds and waterfeatures from koi pond maintenance and fish pond maintenance, from tiny bird bath pond maintenance to lake maintenance and management we take care of the complete spectrum.

We will provide pond cleaning, pond maintenance, pond construction, general safety checks on pond equipment ie pond
pumps, lights, and all pond equipment, pond filter cleaning and servicing and more.

We are always pleased to be of assistance whether it be on a one off basis or as part of a planned pond maintenance schedule.

Services Provided
12/12/2012 8:43:03 AM
Services provided

Aquajoy offer a wide variety of pond and waterfeature services to meet your ponds needs the following is a list of the services we cover. When compared with most pond companies Aquajoy cover's a great selection of services as listed here.

Pond cleaning

Aquajoy's more comprehensive service covering garden fish pond cleaning, koi pond cleaning, water feature pond cleaning,
fountain pond cleaning natural pond cleaning and mainly any kind of pond cleaning. Find out please
check our pond cleaning page.

Pond maintenance

From basic pond and water feature maintenance such as pond plants being cut back to maintaining of fountain pumps,
filter pumps, filters to ultra violet light servicing, repair and replacement of bulbs, pond light servicing, water quality tests,
netting debris, water quality treatments, blanket weed treating and fish health checks to the replacement of filters,
filter media and pond equipment. Aquajoy are able to take look after all your water feature servicing requirements.

Koi pond maintenance

Aquajoy also perform koi pond maintenance for instance unblocking bottom drains and mid feeds to servicing filters and equipment to specialist works on koi ponds from koi pond treatment and koi pond health checks and water quality tests to the installation of and providing koi pond equipment from koi pond heaters and pumps to koi pond filters and clarifiers to koi pond winter covers, we could also assist with koi nutrition, food and treats.

Pond construction

Aquajoy's construction services provide pond renewing and revamps to full koi pond construction, garden fish pond construction, waterfeature construction, natural ponds fountains and fountain pond construction from designs or simply unique built ponds to your requirements. Aquajoy is a renowned pond builder in the South of london.

Please see our garden ponds page for more details.

Pond Enthusiasts
12/11/2012 10:27:40 AM
Pond Lovers, warm welcome to Aquajoy Water Gardens Ltd.

Pond cleaning, pond maintenance and pond construction specialists.

Aquajoy water gardens Ltd has developed a reputable reputation for presenting an exceptional of service in the pond and aquatics trade. Aquajoy have been established since 1987 with more then 25 years know-how as pond professionals carrying out pond cleaning, pond building, pond construction and maintenance and our combined staff knowledge in this professional trade we are in a class of our own.

Aquajoy are experts in Water Gardens, pond cleaning, pond construction, pond maintenance and pond design in the London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire areas but can work mostly any place in the South of England. Aquajoy's team focus on providing the highest level of customer experience all of which will help you with any pond enquiry for example, pond sealing, natural swimming pools and maintenance, swimming ponds, commercial waterfeatures, waterfeature servicing, garden pond maintenance, pond and koi pond fibre glassing, fish and koi health, pond cleaning, koi pond cleaning, garden fish ponds, pond repairs, fibreglass sealing of Koi ponds, pond plants, general pond maintenance and koi pond maintenance and servicing or anything relevant to ponds, water features and your garden feature.

If you currently have a problem pond/ water feature or just need help make sure you talk to our workforce for advice or to book a consultation. We will also provide pond supplies from stainless steel water features and copper waterfeatures to pond filters and pond equipment ie waterfeature liners pumps etc.

If you would like help and advice on fish health, water garden services, pond accessories, general fish keeping, pond cleaning, frogs, tadpoles, newts or any of the above, i highly recommend that you give Aquajoy a ring and talk with our useful office who will be ready to help you.

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