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Pond Cleaning
3/27/2012 2:32:41 PM
Pond cleaning is a necessary process with ponds from wildlife ponds to fish ponds revitalizing your fish pond by removing silt and re-potting plants to servicing equipment. if you would like more information please look at our pond cleaning page.
- http://www.aquajoy.org.uk/pondcleaning.php

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3/23/2012 4:33:44 PM
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3/23/2012 3:56:03 PM
Yes Aquajoy are now on youtube, here you will find the latest video from aquajoy.

Why not take alook and see some of our videos.

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3/23/2012 3:38:37 PM
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Welcome to Aquajoy Water Gardens Ltd
3/23/2012 3:27:08 PM

Aquajoy water gardens Ltd has an established reputation for providing a high quality of service in the pond and aquatics trade.

Aquajoy have been established since 1987 with more then 25 years experience as pond specialists conducting pond cleaning,pond building, pond construction and maintenance and our combined staff experience in this specialist trade we are in a class of our own.

Aquajoy specialize in Water Gardens, pond cleaning, pond construction, pond maintenance and pond design in the London, Surrey, Sussex, Hants and Berkshire areas but can work generally anywhere in the South of England. Aquajoy's team are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer experience  and can help you with any pond enquiry including, pond sealing, natural swimming pools and maintenance swimming ponds, commercial waterfeatures, waterfeature servicing garden pond maintenance, pond and koi pond fibre glassing,  fish and koi health, pond cleaning, koi pond cleaning, garden  fish ponds, pond repairs,fibreglass sealing Koi ponds, pond plants, general pond maintenance and koi pond maintenance and servicing or anything related to ponds, water features and your garden feature.

If you have a problem pond/ water feature or just need assistance please contact our team for advice or to arrange an appointment. We can also provide pond supplies from stainless steel water features, copper waterfeatures to pond filters and pond and waterfeature liners etc.

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