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Express ponds and Micro ponds.

Aquajoy water gardens are specialist in the construction and maintenance of ponds and waterfeatures 

We now offer a different range to compliment our bespoke pond construction packages in our express pond range of standalone feature ponds and novelty ponds which are supplied and installed to suit your requirements. Until recently ponds have only been available to clients with a garden or a large outside space now these self contained ponds are making ponds available to people with very small gardens, balconies or even no outside space at all as recently indoor ponds have become a very popular trend premoting welbeing and allowing you to bring a little piece of your garden inside.

Three main options are shown below

 The Velda Easy pond
Velda easy pond

The Velda Easy Pond Has various options with a range of sides to choose from the Velda pond range makes this compact little pond very adaptable it can be used inside and outside it can also come as a kit with a built in Uv clarifier pump and lighting system for more specs please see our Velda express Pond page

wooden range
wooden pond range

The wooden range comes in a variety  of sizes to suit your garden or patio area all are raised and allow our teams to easily install a raised pond in your garden suitable for your needs or requirements. Please see our wooden ponds page for more details

These relaxing waterfeatures and ponds allow everybody the option of a pond with an array of choice even in a very small area where space is important.

Aquajoy install stand alone ponds and feature ponds to suit you. These space saving ponds are an ideal addition to any garden especially where space is a major consideration as they are available in many different forms and are great value for money.

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