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Pond Planting schemes.

Aquajoy can provide a bog garden, lake and pond planting service.  We can supply a large variety of plants that we can deliver and plant for you from marginals to oxygenating plants to deep water plants in small or large quantities. We can suggest suitable planting budgets for any waterfeatures, ponds or lakes and moats.


  • Plant supply.
  • Filter planting.
  • Vegitation filters and vegetable filters.                              
  • Repotting plants and plant splitting.
  • Planted beeches.
  • Plant baskets.
  • Bog gardens.
  • Marsh land.
  • Golf course planting.
  • Lake planting schemes.
  • Aquatic soil.
  • Cobbles.
Vegitation filters and vegetable filters.

Natural filters and regeneration zones are used widely as a natural alternative to the big black box filters typically used today
Vegitation filters and vegetable filters. They are also used in the natural swimming pools and swimming ponds to help create the perfect balance the correct selection of plants, suitably planted will help maintain the natural balance of your pond. Vegitation filters and vegetable filters can also add the natural look to a modern pond.

Repotting plants and plant splitting.

Aquajoy offer a plant splitting and repotting service, some plants can take over a pond these need to be maintained like any other aspect of your pond. They will need to be systematically cut back and controlled to prevent them naturally filling in the pond with plants. Plants are extremely good for your pond but if left alone for to long can become a real problem.

 for more information on our planting schemes please contact us.

Nymphaea Albatross a hardy white water lilly

pond planting pond maintenance

fish pond Pontederia Cordata
Iris Versicolor garden pond


We can supply a large variety of plants suitable for any pond planting scheme.

pond cleaning, pond construction and pond maintenance details can be found on the relevant pages.


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