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Aquajoy Pond FAQ

Below you will find a number of the more frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. When we call you for a pond cleaning estimate what do we need to give you?

A. If you would like an approximate costing over the phone please provide us with the length width and depth of the pond if you would like us to come and have a look our office staff will take your details and arrange for an operative to conduct an estimate visit.

Q. Our pond is leaking - what can we do?

A. This would be investigated by one of our engineers who would assess the situation and give the best solution
to resolve the problem.

Q. Can we book a one off appointment or do you only do contract work?

A. Aquajoy are always happy to be of service whether this be contract, private or a one off appointment.

Q. When you clean a pond, what happens to our fish?

When pond cleaning we drain as much good quality water as possible into a temporary tank. Whilst the water is draining, the fish are caught using specialist Koi socks/ nets and are then transferred to our temporary tank by highly experienced engineers who always take the greatest of care.

Q. How often should I feed my fish?

A. You should feed your fish only how much they will eat in the first 2-3 minutes of putting food in the pond, any waste food should be removed from the pond.

Q. Do I feed my fish in winter?

A. You should not feed your fish too much, if they are still feeding make sure to use a suitable winter feed.

Q. Blanket weed. Best way to get rid of it?

A. We use a couple of different products. This can vary greatly.

Q. How often should I clean my pond out?

A. It may depend on the type of pond and whether it is maintained regularly, we suggest a pond clean every 2/3 years.

Other profesional services by Aquajoy

We provide pond maintenance,pond construction, landscaping and irrigation services Golf course ponds, golf course lakes, golf course waterfeatures,Building ponds, garden ponds, fish ponds, natural ponds, bog ponds, Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, bespoke water features, fountains, butyl pond liners, pond fibre glassing, pond sealing, weirs, rills, streams, waterfalls, modern water features, canals, moats, stone features, pond construction, koi pond, fish pond, garden pond, fish pond,pond refurbishment, pond refurbishing, pond revamp, koi pond construction are all projects that Aquajoy have worked on if you would like to enquire about something not listed here please call the office and speak to our friendly staff.

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