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Aquajoy Donation

Aquajoy donated to the parkinsons charity.

Aquajoy and xmas

Aquajoy in the past have sent out christmas cards,  however last year we made a donation to the royal marsden hospital for cancer research which we have decided to do again this year helping the royal marsden and the environment. We will also be donating to Parkinsons, and  N,A,S  the National Autistic Society. 

This is just a little note to wish all of our customers and future clients a very merry xmas and a happy new year from all the team at Aquajoy- water garden specialists.


Aquajoy and crb checks

Aquajoy as part of our longstanding commitment to all our clients are crb checking all of our employees.

Aquajoy and cscs

Aquajoy are currently applying for cscs cards

Aquajoy water gardens and winter

Aquajoy continue to work through the winter and recommend that you have your pond checked and winterized, we can cut back your plants, check on fish health etc.

Aquajoy and environmental responsibility

Aquajoy are proud of their continuous efforts towards our eco system and are continuously introducing eco friendly methods
of working and products. We are also looking for ways to improve recycling of used consumables and waste material.

For more information please see our environmental responsibilities page.

Be plant wise

We would like to make our clients and potential clients aware of their and our responsibilities towards our native eco system by asking them to always be considerate where plants and waste plant material is concerned as non native plants can have a disastrous effect on our native fauna and wildlife.

Loseley garden show

Aquajoy were awarded best in show for their efforts in creating this amazing and eco friendly garden.

pond construction modern ponds pond landscaping

 pond show winner

If you would like any further details please call and speak to a member of our friendly staff

For pond cleaning, pond clearing, garden pond cleans, fish pond cleaning koi pond cleaning and pond clean information please see our pond cleaning page.
For pond maintenance and pond maintenance details please see our pond maintenance page.
For pond construction and pond construction information please see our pond construction page.

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