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Aquajoy offer a Legionella Assessment service, contact us for more details.

What is Legionella?
  • A naturally occurring bacteria
  • Found in rivers, lakes, ponds and mains water
  • Also found in man made systems such as cooling towers, hot tubs, spa baths, showers, jacuzzi's, CWT's etc.
  • It thrives in warm water conditions between 20 -  45°C
  • Thin rod shape bacteria
  • Mobile - Has a tail and can swim
  • Multiplies on plant surfaces
  • Over 40 Species
  • Great Survivor
  • Causes Legionanaries Desease, Pontiac Fever and Lochgoilhead Fever

Requirements for Growth?
  • Optimum temperature range of 20 - 45°C
  • Food source - other bacteria, sediments such as rust and scale, bio film, algae and sludge

Legionnaires Disease
  • Incubation 2 - 10 & can be fatal
  • Invades the lung - hence pneumonia (respiratory conditions)
  • Other organs can also be affected leading to failure
  • Responsive to correct antibiotics
  • A full recovery is not always achievable - can leave with life changing ailments

Aquajoy have attended a Legionella awareness course, to see our certificates click here.
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