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Lake maintenance and management systems, Moat and lake refurbishment/construction.

Aquajoy carry out lake and moat restorations/constructions of any size from a simple lake maintenance to a complete restoration or construction your feature will be restored to its former glory with a minimum of disturbance to the natural surroundings and wildlife. We also offer a complete planting service to complement the new look of the feature.

 moat dredging and cleaning

lake and moat refurbishment

lake building

From a swampy stagnant mess of a pond or lake to a feature to be enjoyed, Aquajoy can help with ponds to lakes and even moats
We are able to conduct complete pond cleaning, lake maintenance, cleaning projects or refurbishments to a complete rebuild depending on your own requirements. Please see our video  below.

Aquajoy carry out specialist services from lake management systems including filter systems, treatment, aerators, fountains and other equipment to planting schemes, specialist lighting to pumps and features Aquajoy can build a suitable specification to meet your requirements and your lake/features needs.

lilly ponds

natural pond build

natural ponds

farm ponds
natural pond projects
 lake constructions
clay puddling

moat restoration

lake excavation

lake restoration

a pond before it was cleaned a pond after it was cleaned lake clearing

Details on our pond cleaning, pond construction and pond maintenance services can be found on the relevant pages or contact our office for more information.

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